Leathers vs Suits

I’m slightly older than most of my grad school colleagues and my cultural references often miss the mark for that reason. Last year I was floored when my good friend told me she had never heard of Erasure or Depeche Mode. Yet I floored myself when I realized that I had actually never seen the videos I promptly sent her. In response my friend pointed out the subtle BDSM/leather culture messages in these videos: from the harnesses and chains in “Chains of Love” to the biker apparel throughout Depeche Mode’s oeuvre; check out the quartet in this still from “Enjoy the Silence.” Enjoy-the-Silence-music-video-depeche-mode-8030572-720-480

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Life Curated by Monocle

It’s no surprise that I want Monocle to live my life for me, or at least, tell me how to do it. There are many outlets making news-video-podcasts but no one does it like Monocle. They could make filing taxes alluring and sexy. A British accent narrating doesn’t hurt. Today it’s sweets. And the candies from Lisbon have me swooning. They don’t call it hard candies for nothing—this type is hard to locate. But once you’ve found your supplier, candy makes life better. Trust me,  I’m an expert.