If Beyoncé can do it, so can I

The Facebook-o-sphere has been buzzing about a recent article that hits people of my age and cultural persuasion straight in the gut. Frannie Kelley’s provocatively titled Has ‘Indie’ Become ‘Adult Contemporary’? has all the ingredients to provoke an outrage. My first response was to answer that question with another question: “Will we dance to booty music at our weddings?” Continue reading

PC Overkill

College athletes today are getting a raw deal. What kind of world are we living in where a punter is chided for excessive celebration? Poor Brad Wing. I doubt he’ll ever get the chance again to make such a play. It took me a few times to finally see the “excessive celebration” in the footage and all I can say is, damn, what a play!
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Even though I did this over a month ago, I had at least two songs for every “day” category. Since this is my blog, I can wax on poetic about the “30 Day Song Challenge” as much as I want. Now with the aid of my iTunes playlist, I give you the runners-up. Continue reading

Things you can’t say in public

I don’t think there’s a song in recent memory that I like as much as Cee Lo Green’s F**k You. First of all it’s a brilliant pop song. If I didn’t speak English I could hum along without a problem. But let’s not avoid the obvious appeal. I like it because it’s an aggressive message coated in honey. Continue reading