We All Knew NeNe was Cray-Cray

In ANTM news, Renee Alway was recently arrested for an array of charges and after a six-hour standoff with police. “NeNe” was definitely not a sweetheart during her season, indeed she’s in the prickly pear camp of ANTM hopefuls (looking at you YaYa). Though this violent streak is definitely shocking, looking back at season 8 Renee’s general “mean girl” spirit should have tipped us off to the dark machinations brewing beneath that Aryan visage.

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Attack of Muzak

In the first episode of season three of SATC Carrie and friends famously cross water to check out some guys. Once the dancing start Carries observes: “…I began to realize that Staten Island was like a quaint European country. The American music was 20 years behind and you could smoke wherever you wanted.” Continue reading

Defending Elyse

Since ranting about ANTM a few months ago has actually not repelled readers, I thought I’d add a postscript about the search terms that most frequently bring people to my blog: Elyse Sewell 2013. To begin, I have no idea what she’s up to right now. Or last year, or the year before. But I do have some musings I’d like to finally get off my chest. Continue reading