Wild about Georges

Rousse, Santiago de Chile, 2013, Installation Shot at MAC Parque Forestal

Rousse, Santiago de Chile, 2013, Installation Shot at MAC Parque Forestal

In 1989, the French artist Georges Rousse came to Chile. Fate intervened to bring Rousse to the Open City, as in the case of other fortunate architects, poets, and dreamers. It seems that Rousse never quite forgot this trip to Ritoque: visitors to his solo exhibition at the MAC Parque Forestal are greeted by his rendering of the Hospedería de la Rosa de los Vientos o Celdas. Continue reading

Scrapdaddy Says Recycle

IMG_1645_2Valentine’s Day fell on day two of my mother-in-law’s visit. With one full day already spent on the ranch, cabin fever was high and the nearest cool town beckoned. In an informal study, I’ve concluded that almost all the local towns (i.e. within a 75-minute drive) don’t have stroll-worthy downtowns. When we drove past Beeville last month it seemed like it did, so that put it on top of my “cool town” list. Continue reading

Pretty Girls

After lunch today I rode out into the brush to watch ranch staff net does. Today and tomorrow the female deer are being gathered as part of the ranch’s conservation program.

In order to maintain the deer population, ranch staff gather a specific number of does every season. The does will go to other ranches (some nearby; others as far as East Texas) to improve and increase those deer populations. Through an incredible ballet of one person launching a net from a helicopter and another on the ground hog-tying the caught deer, the does are herded into a horse trailer. By the time I arrived there were two dozen of them hanging out in the hay. Continue reading

Crisscrossing Texas

Yesterday I finally got the news I’ve been waiting to hear since August: your visa is ready. Though it’s not my visa, it’s been my project these past nearly six months and I’m ready for it to be over. However, as with any bureaucratic task there’s one last obstacle: getting to the Consulate in Houston. Now that I’m in South Texas, most things are far away. But a map showed me I am actually closer than I thought. Continue reading