Attack of Muzak

In the first episode of season three of SATC Carrie and friends famously cross water to check out some guys. Once the dancing start Carries observes: “…I began to realize that Staten Island was like a quaint European country. The American music was 20 years behind and you could smoke wherever you wanted.” Continue reading

Peter Cetera Goes to Prom

I’m having a moment this morning with Chicago, specifically with “If You Leave Me Now.” I don’t know where Peter Cetera is right now, but we need to bring him back, put him on a stage, and worship him. We’d be fools to let him slip away, we’ve just come too far. I tend to marry songs with a specific visual moment, which makes some songs unbearable to listen to [“We Can’t Be Beat” + getting fired = cruel, cruel irony], much to the disappointment of my Walkmen-loving husband. [However, The Walkmen are just too good live, I couldn’t resist this clip.]

Luckily, “If You Leave Me Now” has a lovely association in my mind with this scene from SATC. This has to be the best use of this song ever. Enjoy!