How to Make a Nerd

The 1980s gave nerds a space in popular culture, usually as the butt of a joke or the enemy of jocks. But there was also a strain of nerd-fear, a sense that in the near future these nerds would take over and non-nerds would be punished. Their large nerd brains were up to God knows what: Matthew Broderick nearly set off a nuclear war and Val Kilmer subverted the beverage industry by making his own currency. Continue reading

Attack of Muzak

In the first episode of season three of SATC Carrie and friends famously cross water to check out some guys. Once the dancing start Carries observes: “…I began to realize that Staten Island was like a quaint European country. The American music was 20 years behind and you could smoke wherever you wanted.” Continue reading

Peter Cetera Goes to Prom

I’m having a moment this morning with Chicago, specifically with “If You Leave Me Now.” I don’t know where Peter Cetera is right now, but we need to bring him back, put him on a stage, and worship him. We’d be fools to let him slip away, we’ve just come too far. I tend to marry songs with a specific visual moment, which makes some songs unbearable to listen to [“We Can’t Be Beat” + getting fired = cruel, cruel irony], much to the disappointment of my Walkmen-loving husband. [However, The Walkmen are just too good live, I couldn’t resist this clip.]

Luckily, “If You Leave Me Now” has a lovely association in my mind with this scene from SATC. This has to be the best use of this song ever. Enjoy!