Even a Brick Wants to Be Something

I caught Indecent Proposal (1993) the other night right at this masterful part. Though this film focuses on infidelity, honesty, and forgiveness Woody Harrelson’s turn as an architect is unforgettable because of this scene. Suddenly, the narrative shifts from a one-night stand to one of the best musings on creativity in any film I’ve seen.

Great architecture is only gonna come from your passion. And even that won’t assure you a job. Louis Kahn died in a men’s room in Penn Station and for days no one claimed the body. Look at that. Is that beautiful? The money men did not weep because the great ones are impossible to deal with. They’re a pain in the ass because they know that if they do their jobs properly, if they just this once get it right, they can actually lift the human spirit, take it to a higher place.

What is this? / A brick.
Good. What else?/ A weapon.

Louis Kahn said, “even a brick wants to be something.” A brick wants to be something. It aspires. Even a common, ordinary brick wants to be something more than it is. It wants to be something better than it is. That is what we must be. Continue reading