Footnote: The Adventures of Jean Mermoz

I’m going through a pretty mellow moment in my life: tucked away in a small town 120 miles south of Santiago I’ve got loads of time to just sit and write. Despite living in a cave, some of the outside world does trickle in and lately it’s been a name: Jean Mermoz.  Continue reading

Procrastination Archive

Screen Shot, Revista CA Archive Spreadsheet

The filing force is strong with me. I spent an hour yesterday putting off more pressing dissertation-writing matters to make my Revista CA archive pretty. Revista CA (Ciudad y Arquitectura) is the oldest architecture magazine in Chile and their issues are available online: Take my advice and download a few at a time since you might overwhelm the website as I have done on a daily basis for the past two weeks. Once I realized I had about 40 issues the librarian in me took over and I cataloged all of them according to year. Through their handy search feature I downloaded issues with the keyword “Amereida” and “Travesía” the two most frequent words in my dissertation. But then I wanted more so I decided to go for all their issues from 1968 to 1993. Copyleft never felt so right. Each time I download a new issue, I change the color of a cell in my Numbers spreadsheet. It’s the little things that keep me going at this stage.