Midnight in Paris

Timelapse video never gets old for me. Paris has to be one of the most visually documented places in the world. Woody Allen dedicated an entire film to nighttime in the city. Allen’s Midnight in Paris became commercial hit probably because Paris represents so well at night, as evident in Paris in Motion.


I originally found this on Plataforma Arquitectura, which includes more drawings by the artist, Patrick Vale. His cluttered desk stresses me out, especially the wandering mouse and keyboard. But it’s a rad video nonetheless. I have the privilege to watch artists work and witness this kind of talent in person. It never gets old for me, especially since I’m so untalented when it comes to drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.

My heart beats for you, Pedro Vicuña

Swoon! My new favorite website has just given my life more meaning. Not only is Plataforma Arquitectura a great research site but it’s like Chicken Soup for the Grad Student soul. Only in Chile would you have an Architecture/Film Festival. And only in Chile would you have a poet musing on architecture and the city.