Footnote: Poetagoonia

Some days it seems like my dissertation footnotes are taking on a life of their own. Maybe they will revolt and leave my work to star in their own dissertation. In the meantime I would like to feature some of my footnotes from time to time since they are too wonderful to leave in the margins.

The Times (London, England), Wednesday, July 7, 1965: 1; issue 56367.

The Times (London, England), Wednesday, July 7, 1965: 1; issue 56367.

On July 7, 1965, an ad appeared in The Times London: “International expedition of Poets and Others departs from Cape Horn for Patagonia August 1—Contact HAM. 5721.” Continue reading

Chilean Scandinavia

Boris Ivelic, Embarcacion Amereida (2005)

Boris Ivelic, Embarcacion Amereida (2005)

“The southward archipelagic extension of [forest Chile] from Chiloé island to Cape Horn is an almost uninhabited wilderness of channels, islands, rocks, glaciers, and ice sheets. The forest deteriorates in quality and the resources of both the islands and the Andean mainland area appear to be minimal.” You could forgive Gilbert J. Butland for his limp assessment of Southern Chile in his 1951 text, Chile—An Outline of its Geography, Economics, and Politics. As the end of the terrestrial world Patagonia always seems to get the shaft in histories that are told north to south. But in the great twentieth-century tradition of changing South America’s orientation, Boris Ivelic presents another view of the continent. Continue reading

Interlude in Cochrane

IMG_2590I spent the last two weeks of November on a travesía in Cochrane, a small town in the extreme south of Chile. This was a trip I had been dreaming about ever since I first learned of the School of Valparaíso in the fall of 2010. The chance to participate in a travesía remains beyond words. So I give you images. Continue reading

Crossing South America

School of Valparaíso, "Amereida", 1967

School of Valparaíso, Amereida, 1967

The New York Times recently profiled the Harteau family, a trio from California currently traveling through Peru with their sights set on Chile and Argentina. With their Westfalia chugging along the Pan-American Highway they join a distinguished group of nomads who’ve transformed contemporary popular culture, apparel, and politics. Continue reading