Missed Roman Holiday

Bravo Family in Rome (October 1980)

Bravo Family in Rome (October 1980)

A few months before I was born my family went to Italy to witness the beatification of Don Orione, the namesake of my brother’s school at the time. My mom loved recounting how since she was pregnant with me people were always touching her stomach and someone even said her baby would be very religious. As long as I can remember these anecdotes annoyed me to no end: I couldn’t believe my family went on this European holiday without me. Continue reading

How to Make a Nerd

The 1980s gave nerds a space in popular culture, usually as the butt of a joke or the enemy of jocks. But there was also a strain of nerd-fear, a sense that in the near future these nerds would take over and non-nerds would be punished. Their large nerd brains were up to God knows what: Matthew Broderick nearly set off a nuclear war and Val Kilmer subverted the beverage industry by making his own currency. Continue reading

Gifts and Such

I’ve been stuck in college for such a long time that I’ve finally run out of music. Last week I went back to 2000 and the Bs of my iTunes archive. I’ve circled back to Badly Drawn Boy. Continue reading

Mr. Dunne Comes to Texas

Dunne's signature glasses

With two lockdowns in less than two years, I think UT is need of some better news. If you’re not spooked by setting foot on campus I recommend checking out “An Extraordinary Life: The Dominick Dunne Papers” at the Briscoe Center. Spending yesterday afternoon among Dunne’s papers was definitely one of the neatest things I’ve done while in Austin. Continue reading