How to Make a Nerd

The 1980s gave nerds a space in popular culture, usually as the butt of a joke or the enemy of jocks. But there was also a strain of nerd-fear, a sense that in the near future these nerds would take over and non-nerds would be punished. Their large nerd brains were up to God knows what: Matthew Broderick nearly set off a nuclear war and Val Kilmer subverted the beverage industry by making his own currency. Continue reading

Walking with Careri

2002, Careri, Walkscapes, Cover

2002, Careri, Walkscapes, Cover

Nerd alert: the highlight of today’s odyssey through Santiago completing numerous errands was finally getting Francesco Careri’s Walkscapes: El andar como práctica estética/ Walking as an Aesthetic Practice in my hands. Continue reading

Defending Elyse

Since ranting about ANTM a few months ago has actually not repelled readers, I thought I’d add a postscript about the search terms that most frequently bring people to my blog: Elyse Sewell 2013. To begin, I have no idea what she’s up to right now. Or last year, or the year before. But I do have some musings I’d like to finally get off my chest. Continue reading