Lovely Ethyl

Reminiscing about Encyclopedia has put me back in touch with Ethyl Eichelberger. His wonderful voice and acting style were a delight for me as a child. Try as I might I can’t find his brilliant turn as King Louis XIV, though he’s great as an Egyptian emissary in “Pyramid.” Continue reading

We All Knew NeNe was Cray-Cray

In ANTM news, Renee Alway was recently arrested for an array of charges and after a six-hour standoff with police. “NeNe” was definitely not a sweetheart during her season, indeed she’s in the prickly pear camp of ANTM hopefuls (looking at you YaYa). Though this violent streak is definitely shocking, looking back at season 8 Renee’s general “mean girl” spirit should have tipped us off to the dark machinations brewing beneath that Aryan visage.

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Leathers vs Suits

I’m slightly older than most of my grad school colleagues and my cultural references often miss the mark for that reason. Last year I was floored when my good friend told me she had never heard of Erasure or Depeche Mode. Yet I floored myself when I realized that I had actually never seen the videos I promptly sent her. In response my friend pointed out the subtle BDSM/leather culture messages in these videos: from the harnesses and chains in “Chains of Love” to the biker apparel throughout Depeche Mode’s oeuvre; check out the quartet in this still from “Enjoy the Silence.” Enjoy-the-Silence-music-video-depeche-mode-8030572-720-480

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Peter Cetera Goes to Prom

I’m having a moment this morning with Chicago, specifically with “If You Leave Me Now.” I don’t know where Peter Cetera is right now, but we need to bring him back, put him on a stage, and worship him. We’d be fools to let him slip away, we’ve just come too far. I tend to marry songs with a specific visual moment, which makes some songs unbearable to listen to [“We Can’t Be Beat” + getting fired = cruel, cruel irony], much to the disappointment of my Walkmen-loving husband. [However, The Walkmen are just too good live, I couldn’t resist this clip.]

Luckily, “If You Leave Me Now” has a lovely association in my mind with this scene from SATC. This has to be the best use of this song ever. Enjoy!