Somewhere Far Far Away

Pat Healy, fake architect in Chile, There's Something About Mary (1998)

Being an architect lends a certain prestige in films; all those tools, blueprints, and models just translate so well. I caught the 90s classic There’s Something About Mary the other day and Matt Dillon as a doubly fake architect remains hilarious. The exchange between Healy (Dillon) and Tucker, another fake-fake architect, at the architecture model exhibition is priceless. Continue reading

Le Corbusier and Saint Ex

Cool thing I read today: Antoine de Saint-Exupery, beloved author of The Little Prince (1943) piloted Le Corbusier over Argentina and Paraguay in 1929. This experience led Corb to ponder the law of the meander.

Two of the greatest creative minds of the twentieth-century, flying over expanses of South America fills me with wonder. I’m also bummed there are no photos of this event for “Awesome People Hanging Out Together,” because obviously this pair would kill it.

Moving Through Space

Magdalena Atria, Platonic Solids

Magdalena Atria, Platonic Solids, 2011

Magdalena Atria, Platonic Solids

Magdalena Atria, Platonic Solids, 2011

This past Saturday I caught Magdalena Atria’s MAVI show, “Love and Space” and was thrilled to see these works. Atria actually showed these reed-rendered sculptures a couple of years ago in a show dedicated to platonic solids. As an art historian, I feel the best way to understand platonic solids is through visuals.

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Bici en Bs As

Though I am a Monocle loyalist I am often stung by their snubbing of Latin America. A courtesy article on Brazil every now and then doesn’t quite make up for leaving the rest of us out. But it seems like the tides are turning with their recent podcast, “Best Bike Shops.” Sandwiched between Zürich and Toronto is Buenos Aires, home of Monochrome Bike Shop. True, hipsters are pretty much the same everywhere but it’s nice to imagine them speaking Spanish (or Portuguese) once in a while.

It’s also refreshing to see Toronto featured, another part of the world that is surprisingly off of Monocle’s radar. Though I get my fill with Property Virgins, it’s also nice to see Toronto’s cycling culture.