Ladies with Lots of Last Names

ca. 1860-1873, Santiago

ca. 1860-1873

In Love in the Time of Cholera Gabriel García Márquez’s heroine faces discrimination due to her less than stellar origins: though Fermina Daza’s father is a mule driver, he dreams of catapulting her into the elite through marriage. Fermina’s father succeeded, much to the surprise of the other young ladies vying to be Juvenal Urbino’s bride. Especially since many of these ladies were actually ladies, and part of Juvenal’s social orbit by virtue of their multiple last names. García Márquez communicated this subtle critique of class politics through a lovely visual, like a string of pearls (how suitable), and I was reminded of it today when I read the third installment of “La Mujer Chilena en la Memoria,” a series from the Society section of El Mercurio. Continue reading

Lovely Ethyl

Reminiscing about Encyclopedia has put me back in touch with Ethyl Eichelberger. His wonderful voice and acting style were a delight for me as a child. Try as I might I can’t find his brilliant turn as King Louis XIV, though he’s great as an Egyptian emissary in “Pyramid.” Continue reading

Angry Grrrl

The deluge of press in the aftermath of the MTV Video Music Awards has somehow managed to ignore perhaps the most obvious fault with this show: the videos. We’ve become pretty naive if we find the awards show shocking. Frankly, in this age of publicists and media trainers I’m shocked we can find anything shocking. Putting the spectacle aside and getting to the heart of the matter, how is it possible to dedicate a show to videos that most people are probably only seeing for the first time during the nominee montage? Continue reading

We All Knew NeNe was Cray-Cray

In ANTM news, Renee Alway was recently arrested for an array of charges and after a six-hour standoff with police. “NeNe” was definitely not a sweetheart during her season, indeed she’s in the prickly pear camp of ANTM hopefuls (looking at you YaYa). Though this violent streak is definitely shocking, looking back at season 8 Renee’s general “mean girl” spirit should have tipped us off to the dark machinations brewing beneath that Aryan visage.

Continue reading