Endless Summer

My last summer ended a year ago today. One of the strangest (and coldest) side effects of moving to Chile in March is that you jump from one winter to another. I love summer. It’s my favorite season. Even though I grew up in South Florida and it’s arguably summer all year round, I really like the extra hot and humid middle months of the year. Especially when raspados are plentiful. Continue reading

Oh, the Ocean!

“The Summer Place” by Fountains of Wayne is still playing on a continuous loop and I’ve finally gotten around to watching the video.

I love how literal the interplay is between the images and lyrics. It could be the lighting, the topic, or the delivery, but the similarities with “Hotel California” now seem really obvious. Which doesn’t surprise me since I’m a fan of that jam and I tend to like music that sounds the same.


Handing over the baton

In a few days, Carson Daly will be leading us back into the 1990s to remember and wax nostalgic about TRL. What’s definitely more interesting than Daly himself, if that’s possible, is what happened after I saw the commercial on VH1. Continue reading