When Worlds Collide

It’s been my experience that the only way to get through grad school is to find an outlet. Not a “play frisbee on the weekends” kind of thing, but a world that you can escape to for at least a couple hours a day. My dealer is Netflix and my current drug of choice is Felicity; hence yesterday’s rant about Noel and Ben. The whole point of this parallel universe is to leave the daily grind and let one’s mind happily turn to mush, where the biggest topics up for discussion center on the aforementioned love triangle. Continue reading

The Ballad of Ben and Noel

So I realize I’m over ten years late, but the whole Felicity-Ben-Noel love triangle is getting to be too much for me. How many more betrayals, quarter-century crises, and bad fashion can the walls of hyper-fake New York lofts withstand? I applaud Felicity for finally getting her hair maintenance together. But anyone with a shred of intelligence knows the solution to this drawn-out dilemma: Ben and Noel should hook up. Continue reading