Footnote: The Adventures of Jean Mermoz

I’m going through a pretty mellow moment in my life: tucked away in a small town 120 miles south of Santiago I’ve got loads of time to just sit and write. Despite living in a cave, some of the outside world does trickle in and lately it’s been a name: Jean Mermoz.  Continue reading

The Cemetery as a City

El Mercurio, VD June 1

A morbid headline floated nearly inconspicuously over a picturesque snapshot of Validivia on the cover of this Saturday’s VD: “Cementerios en Chile: El espiritú cultural de cada pueblo” [Cemeteries in Chile: The Cultural Spirit of Each Village]. Continue reading

Midday Wail

Every day at noon in Curicó a siren goes off at the hill near my parent’s place. It signals midday and like clockwork upsets the two dozen dogs living around me. Even though I’m two decades out of elementary and middle school that sound still sends a shiver down my spine.

Continue reading

My Own Waterloo Sunset

I made it. I am in country. I am out in the field. And with my recently connected Wi-Fi, I am back in touch with the world. Without the internet to document my life these past two weeks I wonder if it all actually happened. I have ten days of diss notes but I can barely make sense of what I’ve been reading so the notes can’t accurately confirm my existence. “But I don’t feel afraid,” to quote Ray Davies. Continue reading