Day in Architecture


Last Saturday our downstairs neighbors became too much to bear. Since their bender showed no signs of slowing down after 14 hours, we decided to hit the streets and visit some long-postponed exhibitions. Continue reading

Doris is the soul of this band!

Gordon Matta-Clark, Food, 1971. Matta-Clark cofounded Food, in SoHo, New York, with Carol Goodden, a restaurant managed and staffed by artists. The restaurant turned dining into an event with an open kitchen and exotic ingredients that celebrated cooking. Courtesy of

Carol Goodden and Gordon Matta-Clark in front of Food, 1971.

And apparently, the name of the restaurant Carol Goodden along with my art history crush Gordon Matta-Clark would turn into Food. Thanks for posting this image, Misael! I always knew Matta-Clark was part of my karass. Now I have proof!