Procrastination Archive

Screen Shot, Revista CA Archive Spreadsheet

The filing force is strong with me. I spent an hour yesterday putting off more pressing dissertation-writing matters to make my Revista CA archive pretty. Revista CA (Ciudad y Arquitectura) is the oldest architecture magazine in Chile and their issues are available online: Take my advice and download a few at a time since you might overwhelm the website as I have done on a daily basis for the past two weeks. Once I realized I had about 40 issues the librarian in me took over and I cataloged all of them according to year. Through their handy search feature I downloaded issues with the keyword “Amereida” and “Travesía” the two most frequent words in my dissertation. But then I wanted more so I decided to go for all their issues from 1968 to 1993. Copyleft never felt so right. Each time I download a new issue, I change the color of a cell in my Numbers spreadsheet. It’s the little things that keep me going at this stage.


Mr. Dunne Comes to Texas

Dunne's signature glasses

With two lockdowns in less than two years, I think UT is need of some better news. If you’re not spooked by setting foot on campus I recommend checking out “An Extraordinary Life: The Dominick Dunne Papers” at the Briscoe Center. Spending yesterday afternoon among Dunne’s papers was definitely one of the neatest things I’ve done while in Austin. Continue reading

Archive Fever

The buzz in the Latin American art world has made it to the Wall Street Journal and their article on the International Center for the Arts of the Americas (ICAA)’s archival project—Documents of 20th-Century Latin American and Latino Art. Continue reading