Footnote: Poetagoonia

Some days it seems like my dissertation footnotes are taking on a life of their own. Maybe they will revolt and leave my work to star in their own dissertation. In the meantime I would like to feature some of my footnotes from time to time since they are too wonderful to leave in the margins.

The Times (London, England), Wednesday, July 7, 1965: 1; issue 56367.

The Times (London, England), Wednesday, July 7, 1965: 1; issue 56367.

On July 7, 1965, an ad appeared in The Times London: “International expedition of Poets and Others departs from Cape Horn for Patagonia August 1—Contact HAM. 5721.” Continue reading

My Own Waterloo Sunset

I made it. I am in country. I am out in the field. And with my recently connected Wi-Fi, I am back in touch with the world. Without the internet to document my life these past two weeks I wonder if it all actually happened. I have ten days of diss notes but I can barely make sense of what I’ve been reading so the notes can’t accurately confirm my existence. “But I don’t feel afraid,” to quote Ray Davies. Continue reading

Life Curated by Monocle

It’s no surprise that I want Monocle to live my life for me, or at least, tell me how to do it. There are many outlets making news-video-podcasts but no one does it like Monocle. They could make filing taxes alluring and sexy. A British accent narrating doesn’t hurt. Today it’s sweets. And the candies from Lisbon have me swooning. They don’t call it hard candies for nothing—this type is hard to locate. But once you’ve found your supplier, candy makes life better. Trust me,  I’m an expert.