More Accordions

Thirty years ago this month, The The (best band name ever) released the understated “This is the Day.” It just came up in my playlist, capping off a 5-hour session of note-taking; I’m sadly not done yet. This is perhaps one of the most inspiring songs in my collection and I dream of the moment I play it on my final graduation day. Continue reading

Mom’s Music

For the past month I’ve had to do without the services of my usual chef. Luckily my first chef, my mom, is in town and willing to cook lunch for me or at least delegate it to one of my aunts. All I have to do is drive 20 minutes to the campo where my grandmother lives to be served. Second on this list of first world problems is the fact that my parent’s vehicle doesn’t have an i-Pod jack. So when hunger forces me out of my research cocoon I scan the local radio. Continue reading