Crossing South America

School of Valparaíso, "Amereida", 1967

School of Valparaíso, Amereida, 1967

The New York Times recently profiled the Harteau family, a trio from California currently traveling through Peru with their sights set on Chile and Argentina. With their Westfalia chugging along the Pan-American Highway they join a distinguished group of nomads who’ve transformed contemporary popular culture, apparel, and politics. Continue reading


No Color Needed

I’m probably the last person to listen to “Born to Die,” but I finally did. I think Lana Del Rey’s lips were putting me off. For many reasons, today was the right day to listen to the album on repeat all afternoon.

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Endless Summer

My last summer ended a year ago today. One of the strangest (and coldest) side effects of moving to Chile in March is that you jump from one winter to another. I love summer. It’s my favorite season. Even though I grew up in South Florida and it’s arguably summer all year round, I really like the extra hot and humid middle months of the year. Especially when raspados are plentiful. Continue reading

Backup Crew

In About a Boy Marcus poignantly realizes that you can’t get through life on your own, or even with one more person in your gang. You needed backup. As I write to you, one year deep in my diss research, I have backup and then some. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the first pages of my dissertation. Maybe I can dream it into existence. I’ve already started drafting my dedication page and since the following players will most likely make the cut, I honor them here. Continue reading