Neruda on Modotti

Detail from British Vogue, December 1982.

Detail from British Vogue, December 1982. Photograph from the Norton Museum of Art exhibition.

There are dozens of beautiful faces in the Norton Museum of Art’s current exhibition Coming into Fashion: A Century of Photography at Condé Nast. Yet, there was something about the couple in the Bruce Weber photograph featured above that stopped in my tracks. And as I leaned over the vitrine I realized the poetic excerpt floating next to the haunting woman was by Pablo Neruda on the occasion of Tina Modotti’s passing. Suddenly I wasn’t in an art museum but a wonderful netherworld that had collapsed time and space to bring together great personages of the twentieth century. Continue reading

Mr. Iommi Goes to Paris

Detail, Godofredo Iommi: Morincoux, September 1962. Printed in Ailleurs 1 (1963), 18. Ailleurs 1 (1963), 18.

Detail, Godofredo Iommi: Morincoux, September 1962. Printed in Ailleurs 1 (1963), 18.

The past 24 hours have been a frenzy of amazing discoveries about Godofredo Iommi’s time in Europe. Until I fell down this rabbit hole I frankly doubted its existence. Godo’s time in Europe—ca. 1959 to ca. 1964—is not well-documented; hence my estimates regarding his departure and return. But using the tidbits I did know (friendship with Carmelo Arden Quin, long stay in Paris, prolific writing tendencies) I was confident I would find something.  Continue reading

Sebastian Errazuriz: Step back and look again

Genius! Genius! Genius! What an inspiring talk!

ismael guerra

No siempre dar un paso atrás es retroceder.

Sebastian Errázuriz es un gran artista Chileno -un poco incomprendido en su propio país- que juega entre la delgada linea del diseño y el arte. Por ahora nos trae esta charla TEDx donde nos permite reflexionar sobre la mirada y la perspectiva que debemos tomar sobre nuestros proyectos y vida (dar un paso atrás). Otro mensaje interesante es que quizás hoy rechazen nuestras ideas pero hay que trabajar y seguir adelante porque nunca se sabe cuando esas ideas rechazadas comienzan a ser aceptadas.

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