The Best Cover? Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

Out of nowhere this song floated to the surface of my memory today. I don’t remember the last time I heard it or what jogged my brain, but “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás” may perhaps be the best song ever. Pun intended. Continue reading

Missed Roman Holiday

Bravo Family in Rome (October 1980)

Bravo Family in Rome (October 1980)

A few months before I was born my family went to Italy to witness the beatification of Don Orione, the namesake of my brother’s school at the time. My mom loved recounting how since she was pregnant with me people were always touching her stomach and someone even said her baby would be very religious. As long as I can remember these anecdotes annoyed me to no end: I couldn’t believe my family went on this European holiday without me. Continue reading

Smoke Gets in Our Eyes

Dear Princess Chelsea: I think I can settle this debate once and for all. Move to a dry climate. If you lived somewhere with forest fires, ideally a valley, you’d be guaranteed a steady supply of smoke all day and night. So much smoke it will make your contacts burn and turn your curtains grey. Maybe your fella can accept that. Best of luck, me.