No Color Needed

I’m probably the last person to listen to “Born to Die,” but I finally did. I think Lana Del Rey’s lips were putting me off. For many reasons, today was the right day to listen to the album on repeat all afternoon.

It’s hard to pick just one video, but I’m obsessed with the visuals in “Blue Jeans.” I read somewhere that Lana Del Rey settled on her stage name because it reminded her of seaside glamour. Deep sigh. That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. Cue pastel Art Deco buildings, white shorts, and a deep side part. When I retire and become “Doris the Florist” my life will be dedicated to seaside glamour.

Lana Del Rey’s 1960s fling lends itself nicely to black and white. So does seaside glamour. Cue Chris Isaak and the coolest song he ever wrote.

This song is amazing for many reasons. Now that I hear and watch it alongside Lana Del Rey I’m convinced they’re twin spirits. Also, Herb Ritts would’ve loved Lana.

So for something completely different, I give you Britney Spears. This is proof that, despite one’s best efforts, there are just some visuals you can’t shake.

This song is completely forgettable. But I love the aerial shots of the Californian coast during the first and last 15 or so seconds. Another aspirational visual of seaside glamour, though Brit Brit probably wasn’t aiming for that.

To end on a high note, the ultimate seaside glamour moment in Gattaca (1997).

Though it’s not black and white, color works wonders here. I love the dusty, mustard tinge to this film. It has a  magic similar to black and white.

PS I couldn’t leave without noting the obvious: Lana Del Rey’s name translates into “the King’s wool.”

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