We All Knew NeNe was Cray-Cray

In ANTM news, Renee Alway was recently arrested for an array of charges and after a six-hour standoff with police. “NeNe” was definitely not a sweetheart during her season, indeed she’s in the prickly pear camp of ANTM hopefuls (looking at you YaYa). Though this violent streak is definitely shocking, looking back at season 8 Renee’s general “mean girl” spirit should have tipped us off to the dark machinations brewing beneath that Aryan visage.

Tyra is notoriously cruel to her minions and obviously not qualified to mediate. She lost her mind at one notable panel when Tiffany Richardson dared to take the show lightly.

I always admired ultra high-fashion Celia Ammerman for stepping forward. Even though she threw another model under the bus, I appreciated this breach in protocol though Tyra was not pleased.

Returning to Renee, she was actually pretty even keel throughout the season. Or perhaps in the shadow of one of the most brilliant meltdowns in ANTM history, her general bitchiness wasn’t so bad:

Season 8 had its high points. One of my favorite photo shoots ever took place during this season, when the contestants modeled as men alongside drag queens.

It was a curious photo shoot in ANTM history since androgyny and gender-bending remain marginal themes within the show. This is surprising given the popularity and visibility of models like Andrej Pejic and Casey Legler. True,  ANTM alumni like Kim Stolz and Isis King made notable inroads for LGBT issues within their seasons. There’s still more the show could and should do to play with traditional notions of gender, especially because fashion and physical appearance are at the heart of gender perception and acceptance.

5 thoughts on “We All Knew NeNe was Cray-Cray

  1. I think Renee’s nickname was “Naieem” because I remember when Beverly Johnson and some famous dude were interviewing her at the swimming pool party they kept saying “what is your NAME?” and she would say “Naieem”.

  2. whoops my bad i guess she WAS “Naieem” then she changed it to “NeNe” after that swimming pool party…or something like that…

  3. Hi Gary! Thanks for stopping by. Who can keep track of Tyra’s random assignments on ANTM?! I thought the nickname thing was silly since it only works if you’re creative and by extension are capable of doing something interesting with your name like “Melrose.” Dionne sort of won with “Wholahay” but then changed it because it was so ridiculous!

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