Books I Won’t Read

Okay, maybe I will read them. But I’ll probably spend as much time looking, holding, and admiring these little books instead of analyzing their content. Right now, I’m loving the Short Stack series recently featured on Buzzfeed.

Their handmade quality, appreciation for beautiful paper, and small size are all right up my alley. They also remind me of the Bük series. One of the coolest things that ever happened to me in grad school was when another student in a seminar dedicated her final project to these pamphlets. I was so bowled over during her presentation that I bought the whole collection. Now with Liberace-talk everywhere, I so wish Dave Hickey’s wonderful Bük“Liberace: A Rhinestone as Big as the Ritz”—could join the conversation.

I would scan or transcribe more excerpts myself, but alas I am without my Büks. They are currently sharing space with my other books in a storage room in Austin. The Short Stack series would look great next to my Bük collection, sitting pretty in their slimness among other lovely books organized by color in a bookcase I have yet to buy in a home that doesn’t exist. Many of those details may be hazy but one thing’s for sure, I will not be cooking from Short Stack. Though the one dedicated to eggs has piqued my interest, my chef doesn’t use other people’s cookbooks.

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