More Chilean Tourism, More Regional Eats

Como Sur

As The Santiago Times reports, Chile celebrated “a record-breaking summer for tourism,” which has led Sernatur (Chile’s national tourism service) to promote a list of ten lesser-known cities that tourists should try and see.  The nice thing about the list is that it covers the entire country from the border with Peru to the very southern tip of the country, and everything in between.  The Maule region (7th) gets a nod, too, in the form of Romeral.  If one could describe a region of Chile other than the Patagonia or the center where Santiago is located as up-and-coming, it might just be the Maule region.  Next week, May 17 – 19, Curicó will play host to the 8th Annual Fería de Caldos y Cazuelas, which brings together 25 restaurants from around the country as well as many other chefs and important names in the Chilean gastronomic community to…

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