3D Kinetic Art Which Gives Time

A video titled Baselworld Watch Fair 2013 is probably nothing to write home about. And though it’s impeccably produced a report on a watch fair is exactly how you imagine it will be. However, Maximilian Büsser steals the show at 4:49 when he makes you think twice about your faithful timepiece.

Since 1970 and the invention of the quartz there is no more practical reason to have a mechanical movement. So what we do is mechanical art because we believe that the only reason there is a mechanical movement in a watch today is because it’s artistic. We deconstruct traditional watchmaking and reconstruct it into 3D kinetic art which gives time.

And all this time I could’ve been wearing something more interesting. My mind is swimming in the kinetic art-watch possibilities, not to mention the 4th dimension implications: if my kinetic watch is sitting pretty in three dimensions on my wrist what’s stopping it from transporting me into further dimensions?

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