Wicker World

My mom and I set out today for Chimbarongo to get a proper bed for Jack, our family dog. This little town is just an hour away and is well-known for its wicker work. Everything you could ever dream of, and things you could never imagine, are available in wicker.

Except an extra-large dog house. Even though Jack is Chilean by birth, he’s a purebred German Shepherd. This makes him abnormally large compared to the typical small mutts he lives with on my grandmother’s farm. These pups, 20 lbs at best, all carry the name “Chiquitín” due to their diminutive size. They can sleep in a shoebox; but not Jack.

Instead, he’s getting a custom wicker home: 100  x 80 cm. I’m not sure how big that is actually, I’ve only just mastered Celsius conversions, but it seems large enough.

I caught wicker fever and received this handsome tote as an early birthday gift from my mom. If I put my notebooks, reading materials, and other desk things in a pretty place will that motivate me to finish my diss? Here’s hoping. photo

2 thoughts on “Wicker World

  1. Hey, thanks for the link over to my blog. Nice to “meet” you. I really liked the main plaza with the wickermaker statue. Did you get in there, or just do your shopping by the side of the road? Hope Jack enjoys his new house!

    • Hi Eileen! It’s nice to meet you, too! I found your blog yesterday and I’ve enjoyed reading your entries. My mom and I drove around town but spent most of our time on the roadside. I’d never stopped on the northbound side, yikes! It’s a little too close for me. I’ll be sure to post photos of Jack and his new home!

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