My Own Waterloo Sunset

I made it. I am in country. I am out in the field. And with my recently connected Wi-Fi, I am back in touch with the world. Without the internet to document my life these past two weeks I wonder if it all actually happened. I have ten days of diss notes but I can barely make sense of what I’ve been reading so the notes can’t accurately confirm my existence. “But I don’t feel afraid,” to quote Ray Davies.

Here’s today’s sunset. There’s something about being near the Pacific that makes the sunset more intense. I feel it every time I go to California. The sunset just belongs in the West, the same way pastels belong in the Caribbean. For now these sunsets are my anchor; lucky for me they’re pretty consistent.

IMG_0020 - Version 2

And here’s an early performance of “Waterloo Sunset.” To say I love this song would be an understatement. Davies is a genius, even if he never managed to have a good hairstyle.

Another bad hair day for Davies, but it works with the song. If I were of a more entrepreneurial persuasion I’d develop a Kinks wig-line.

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