OMG, ANTM and Project Runway Unite!

For a while now my better half has been encouraging me to let me freak flag fly and disclose how much I know about nonsense. Here goes.

I know a lot. Exhibit A: I jumped into the middle of the newest season of Project Runway last night. When it came time for the models to get measured I saw a face I recognized for a split second. I knew who it was immediately. When I pressed rewind and paused on her I yelled out, “she was on Top Model a few years ago! I knew that was Lisa!” Patrick, probing my encyclopedic knowledge of ANTM, asks the million dollar question, “are any of them really modeling?” To which I respond, “not really. Though Fatima seems to be doing well. She was on an episode of Kell on Earth for a DKNY campaign. Ann, hilariously enough because she bombed her season, is also modeling.”

Since we’re married and on a ranch he couldn’t run away. By now he’s just accepted my random memory. I don’t know why I remember this stuff; my mind is full of useless information. But Ann, Lisa, and Fatima were pretty hard to forget.

Nolé called Ann his “orgasmic letdown” because she looked amazing in person but fell flat in front of the camera. I guess she’s learned how to be interesting.

Lisa was selected to be “the featured girl” in an Enrique Iglesias video during her season.

Here she is at 0:49 making a possessive entrance. As for Fatima, she had a riveting back story and narrowly missed traveling to Italy because she didn’t have her “travel documents” in order. [It was so annoying how she kept calling it that].

She was also stunning and deserved to win! ANTM’s past is littered with wrong choices for top girl, don’t even get me started on Allison. I can’t believe she lost twice!

I don’t think there’s been anyone as smart as Elyse.

Even though I agree with her, I can’t stop watching. Someone needs to make these connections across fashion-reality TV.

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