Open Cities

Monocle’s latest video features Central Saint Martins, a school of art and design in London, and their new campus by Stanton Williams. This project gets to the heart of what matters most to me as a researcher: architecture, pedagogy, and great design.

The philosophy of sharing space and existing in the “slipstream between disciplines” (so eloquently put by Paul Williams) reminds me of the School of Valparaíso’s Open City. These posters from the UCV + AHO Studio are some of the best representations I’ve seen of the site.

It’s no coincidence that both campuses are pilgrimage sites, especially since the activities surrounding learning and creativity unfold so beautifully within their respective containers. I myself will be a gawking pilgrim in a few weeks and welcome the chance to cross the line and become a participant.

Closer to home I’m also reminded of Beatriz Colomina’s project at Princeton, “Radical Pedagogy.” For those of us studying architecture and the constellation of cool connected to it, having access to videos, archives, and other scholars suffices until we can get to the Open City or Central Saint Martins.

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