Infographics in Motion

Ever since I picked up Visual Aid eight months ago in London I’ve become obsessed with infographics. Truthfully until I got this little book I didn’t realize there was a name for such images let alone a movement for visualizing trivia. Yay! This may turn out to be the most elaborate dissertation-avoidance tangent I’ll take in the coming months, but it’s not like I’ve completely abandoned my “training” or everything the good people in my department have entrusted me to accomplish.

It still counts as research. As long as I’m looking at visuals, it’s all good. This short ditty on The ABCs of Architecture is delightful. It’s not an infographic per se, but it accomplishes the same thing: a quick hit of info through great design.

I’m also a huge fan of The History of English in Ten Minutes, a series of 2-minute long videos that work in a similar vein as ABCs.

In my perfect world I’m involved in these methods of visually communicating information. Not sure how, but I’m optimistic. In two days I start a MOOC on this very topic and hope beyond hope this sets me on my post-diss path.

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