Riding shotgun

In my new life I have to drive long distances pretty frequently. After exhausting podcasts from NPR, Slate, and all the Moths fate brought Chris Hardwick back into my life via The Nerdist.

When I was in high school I had two celebrity crushes: Craig Kilborn and Chris Hardwick. At one point I was going to send Kilborn a fan letter, asking him to be my prom date. But Hardwick was boyfriend-material, especially among the Singled Out dross. And now he’s hosting my favorite podcast. If you can get beyond the too-nerdy intro music, it’s a great hour-ish of comedy.

Highlights so far include Tenacious D, Drew Carey, and Conan O’Brien. But the cherry goes to Jon Hamm, obviously. If it’s possible to drive off a desert road from swooning then that almost happened to me. He’s utterly delightful, which his stints on SNL have shown.

So with Mad Men Season 5 over, Hamm on The Nerdist should tide over  the fans.

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