A friend returns

In the most improbable turn of events Badly Drawn Boy has come back into my life. But after living in the desert for almost 8 weeks, in a place where time is just different, I guess nothing should surprise me.

I acquired my last Badly Drawn Boy album over 8 years ago, which brought my total BDB collection to two albums: The Hour of Bewilderbeast and About a Boy soundtrack. I don’t remember listening to either album that much in the aughts but they’ve become part of my subconscious nonetheless (exhibit A: one of my blogging categories is derived from The Hour of Bewilderbeast). Now when my mind goes on autopilot—which is to be honest my natural state of rest— The Hour of Bewilderbeast is the featured background music.

My memory presents the album in no specific order, with some songs ending in others. Just a few minutes ago I ventured to find videos pertaining to any tracks from this album and not surprisingly found zilch. I did find this wonderful acoustic version of the first track, one of the most memorable opening tracks of any album I’d argue. I guess it wasn’t so long ago that The Guardian was also feeling nostalgic for BDB.

Modest Mouse is also trying to make a comeback, which is very strange because I never really liked this band even though I own a few albums. All the logic in the previous sentence makes me sound like an idiot, or at the very least a hypocrite. But my iTunes is full of bands I only marginally like, which is probably highly symptomatic of my generation, caught between cassettes, CDs, and Napster. Every now and then The Moon and Antarctica elbows past BDB, usually with the first track, natch.

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