Feeling Oasis

My exile is nearly done. I’ve done enough reading, outlining, and note-taking for a lifetime. And now I’m just one exam away…from facing my orals. In this in between time I’ve rediscovered Oasis and feel comforted knowing that when (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? came out in 1995 and my 14 year-old self considered it a banner album, I was right.

Sadly, “She’s Electric” has no official video or a Liam-driven live version. But I applaud Noel for stepping up and showing up to work.

A later Oasis tune—”The Importance of Being Idle”— has a spectacular video. And if I had to pinpoint my current mood, it’s the little boy at 3:02. But to be honest, I feel like that all the time. It’s just not usually in the midst of a funeral.

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