3 for 3

My favorite number. The third month of the year. I’m swamped, but not completely absent. Here’s a collage of what’s going on right now in my world to prove that I’m still around and doing stuff:

1. An article on Elías Crespín in Art Nexus that I came across in the library yesterday. It have may taken me 18 months to finally look at this issue, but in grad school time (not to mention the art history timeline) that’s small potatoes. It was great to see Crespín on the cover. If only that image could come to life so we can see it move, like the paintings in Harry Potter. Lucky enough, I have video footage.

2. The drawings by Frank Newfeld in The Grasshopper: Games, Life, and Utopia (Toronto, 1978) are so charming I couldn’t resist posting them. In preparation for my qualifying games I’ve been reading a lot about play and games. Which sounds entertaining, for sure. But it’s curiously devoid of pictures. And as an art historian, I need pictures. Plus, the quotes he includes in the images are just darling.

"It is impossible to win a game and at the same time to break one of its rules."

3. Music. I listen to lots of it since I’m chained to my desk. And I’m currently digging Pistolera, though I could do without NPR’s strange allusion to the Mexican desert. I can make up my own metaphors, thank you very much.

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