Bring on the sap

In the spirit of the holiday, I thought I take a sappy turn as I did last year. All the red/pink stuff aside, February 14th is a great chance to make lists. And this year it’s “rock ballad sing-along songs.”

Now, anyone can sing-along freely in the privacy of their own home and really belt it out. The following songs are ones I usually hear in public, like in the mechanic’s lobby, waiting for my oil change. The radio would be playing my dad’s favorite radio station. And one of these gems comes up on the rotation. These songs make the list because I find them irresistible. And even though I would probably not belt-along as I would in private I would definitely hum and mumble the lyrics.

One of the best parts of compiling this list is finally seeing most of these videos. I love how the heroine in this song finds salvation in Bryan Adams. I feel the same way. Yeah, don’t go home with the drunk driver Bryan will take you home.

A young Jeff Bridges? Yes, please. James Woods doesn’t look so bad either. Someone get Phil out of the rain! This is turning into a Mayan nightmare!

What’s this song about? What’s going on in this video? The 80s and Neo-Expressionism that’s what.

Is that how people used to watch music videos? Therapy is so trippy.

This song never came up on 101.5 Lite FM, but I wish it would. Frankly, it would make my day if I heard this in public. I definitely couldn’t resist singing along. I’m raising the roof for giraffe prints and a dude that loves his family.


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