It’s Research

Anyone who knows me and has been keeping up with my blog posts and tweets of late is probably mystified by the most improbably mystical turn I am taking. Outer space and the wilderness aren’t exactly things that come to mind when you meet me.

Something strange and unexpected is happening to me. My dissertation topic is finally seeping into my subconscious. The awe my guys feel in the face of nature, which drives their impulse to travel, perform, and build within South America is converting me.

Here’s the latest vision of Chile from the School of Valparaíso. The thought of watching this film at the Open City is beyond…everything. I can’t think of anything more sublime.

I’m also loving this video the Chilean artist Cecilia Vicuña made of my beloved little slice of heaven.

And I happily take her hand down the rabbit hole as I delve further to discover a film she made: “Kon Kon.”

I don’t feel “grad guilt” about this detour. As a curious art historian-person, I’m easily distracted by beautiful images. Plus, it’s all research for my diss. Next step, where can I watch these films?


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