You kids!

Someone at the Daily Texas has finally published an article on UT fashion, namely the strange sport+PJ trend. I just thought this was a source of mockery among grad students and the classic Halloween costume of Nike shorts, a UT-ish t-shirt, sneakers, and flat-ironed hair with a wicked sidepart. But if the undergrads themselves are taking a moment to self-reflect, then it’s time to really dish.

Andreina Velasquez unfortunately only scratches the surface. Apart from attaching a misleading title to her piece, “Undressing for Success” (not in that, please!), she really doesn’t go the distance. Her interviewees acknowledge that it may be unprofessional to dress in such a casual manner, but there’s no commitment to change.

On behalf of the faculty and grad students that look at undergrads everyday, please wear something else. You’re in your 20s, at the height of your individuality, creativity, and muscular tone. You should be wowing us with style not lulling us into a coma with the sartorial equivalent of tract housing. Honestly, if you can’t bother to put on something at least one level above your jammies please stay home.

I get it. You’re busy. You just woke up. The shuttle is leaving. You don’t have time to get dressed. Look, I’m not exactly making fashion headlines either. The Sartorialist isn’t  waiting for me to step out my door everyday. But when it matters (ie when I’m meeting a professor; going to class; checking out a book; etc.) I pull myself together. I really hate to go there, but when I was your age I wasn’t walking out the door in workout gear or sweats. Not only is it unprofessional but it’s a downer. You’re just an elastic band away from mom jeans and a Hanes sweater.

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