My Kind of Apocalypse

By now we’ve ticked of the first month of 2012 and for many people we’ve only got a handful of months left until the end of humanity’s road. Artists—those wonderful harbingers of trends, if not the end of the world—have duly noted our current cultural mood in such image-searing films like Melancholia and experiences like Last New Year.

Even Coldplay is getting involved in the mix with their video for “Charlie Brown,” albeit in their optimistic, life-affirming manner even in the face of impending doom. And that’s what makes this my kind of apocalypse. If we all go down, a rave among friends beneath a fantastic light show doesn’t seem so bad.

I should know, I was in such a mix when Coldplay came to Austin in September. I was so high on good vibes, I honestly wouldn’t have noticed if a planet came crashing on me.

I will confess something that is very much against my Coldplay fandom. I came away from that live show with two truths—this is a total chick band and Will Champion likes being in this band a little too much. The other non-Chris Martins seem content with their lot in life, but Champion is just a little too exuberant. And now in this video, as well as the others, all I can see is that ferocious intensity.

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