Breaking Into Song

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but for the past two weeks I’ve been religiously watching Grey’s Anatomy. Even though he’s a deplorable person, I couldn’t bear to watch the show once Preston Burke left. But curiosity got the best of me and I’ve been cramming in the past four seasons into every free bit of my waking life.

Before I go further, I need to state that I would’ve been better off remembering the show at the close of season 3. I can’t believe it’s still on. How unlucky/clumsy can these people be that they are constantly in mortal danger. Seriously?

But, as many people know, I’m a loyal person. To the death. Which means that I will stick with something (meal; book; career path) even when the more logical choice is to bail. Breakfast this morning was accompanied by  episode 18 of season 7: “Song Beneath the Song.” I nearly chopped off my finger in shock. In addition to my steadfastness, I’m also a social scientist at heart and have watched episode after episode to see if and when Shonda Rhimes would run out of ideas for episodes. Cue the musical.

I loathe musicals. The last one I saw was by complete accident. I was blinded by the graphics and concept going into Sweeney Todd that I didn’t realize people would be singing. The whole time. I was writhing in my seat for two hours. The act of breaking into song makes my whole body cringe out of embarrassment for the performer as well as the audience.

But I was utterly charmed by the musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy. For starters, who knew so many of them could sing? And I love that they were singing the “biggest hit” songs from the series. It’s too ridiculous. The kitsch reached epic proportions when the whole cast, who are conveniently gathered in the same OR, sing “How to Save a Life.”

It doesn’t matter if they’re really singing beneath those masks. The lack of dancing is also forgivable. What’s both poignant and corny is how the cast is finally able to break the fourth wall and sing along with the ridiculous Top 40 song that is always in the Grey’s ether.

I applaud Rhimes for going the musical route. Fans like to see their favorite tv actors sing, as in the final episode of the first season of Skins. Who knew Sid could sing?

Rhimes has lots of talent on her cast. My vote is to dedicate an entire episode to Patrick Dempsey’s dancing abilites.


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