Eye on Monocle

At this moment, nothing relaxes me more than the Monocle video podcasts. The music, aesthetics, and subject matter in these short videos launch me into transcendence each time.

I watched “Barbers’ Tales” today and nearly slipped into a lovely, yuppie coma. I thought reading the magazine was nerdy fun, but these videos have really pushed me into another realm of snobbery. And I love it. I mean, classical music night at a barber shop in Hong Kong? Fab. A bit of reporting on the Nordic Embassies in Berlin, with lots of brightly lit architecture? Awesome. An announcement for the newspaper, Monocle Alpino? That woman’s voice alone lowers my blood pressure exponentially.

There is something genteel and charming about the topics and how they’re produced. I’m an avid watcher of the NY Times World News and US News video podcasts. But sometimes that’s too much serious stuff in the morning. My natural inclination has always been towards denial, with a bit of the ridiculous mixed in, if possible. A 6-minute report on gelato. My mind spoon is ready.

I will most likely never buy what they are promoting or visit the places they go. But the more I think about it, that’s the point. These little snippets of life around the world are meant to be informative and reassuring, reminding us that there are beautiful people leading interesting lives in beautiful places. I hope Monocle keeps pumping out these videos; even through one eye the view is just gorgeous.

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