Everyone Loves Grace

Netflix has made many enemies recently. I reserve my rage for Time Warner and their bogus $70/month for mediocre non-premium channel cable. Which, like a sucker, I paid for nearly two years. Seeking out greener pastures I transferred my TV-viewing affections to Apple TV+Netflix and haven’t looked back. Especially since Netflix has been essential to my Skins obsession.

Yes, another post about Skins. I came across the most recent season of Skins on Netflix the other day and felt, indeed, that Christmas had come early. With series 5 we are now in new territory. Without the Stonems I wasn’t sure where the story could go. But that’s the genius of Skins. Tony and Effy are great, of course. But there are always new characters. And after four seasons, someone like me finally comes up in the rotation. At least, someone I’d like to be, were I a post-high school chick.

Grace, to quote Billy Madison, is the coolest. That sweet, optimistic, good-girl disposition is so eerily familiar I think the Skins writers are stalking me. Of course I don’t mind if they turn me into a character, I couldn’t think of a greater compliment. Especially if that character has the best wardrobe and style.

Apparently I’m not the only one crushing on Grace. Between Tumblr and YouTube there are tributes galore. To be honest, fan-sites and fan-videos kind of freak me out. True, I’m obsessed. But I’m also a narcissist and can never talk about a person or topic without involving myself.

Right, so getting back to Grace. I can’t wait until the next season!

One thought on “Everyone Loves Grace

  1. I also traded cable for Apple TV/Netflix and haven’t looked back. I figure I can buy quite a few season passes to the few shows I do watch with what I was paying ATT Uverse! My dream is to eventually buy a pass to specific channels, but a few more shows need to be available on iTunes, like What Not to Wear.

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