Por este Amor al Arte

In addition to relishing the scenery, weather, and overall cool vibe of South Florida I had a great time acting as tour guide at Art Basel earlier this month.

Normally crowds aren’t my thing, which is why I’ve never actually spent a significant amount of time immersing myself in Art Basel madness. But this year I was determined to suck it up and see how the private sector is faring.

First things first, though I may be studying art history I actually don’t get to see much of it in person. Which is mostly my fault since I’m a hermit and also a bit due to my current location. Being around art is incredibly seductive and energizing, which is probably why I wanted to study this beast in the first place but when you’re swimming in books for four years you tend to forget that.

Another shocking development is how in my old age I’m all weak in the knees for Joaquín Torres-García and his toys. This puppy was too sweet to overlook and so I played the tourist and took a photo.

I was also pretty excited to see some prints by Luis Camnitzer and Sebastián Gordín.

One of the major highlights for me was this kinetic sculpture by Elias Crespin. It was hypnotic and delightful to watch. The Swarovski installation at Design Miami (across the street from Art Basel) was also a great viewing event: sparkly things never disappoint. And not to overlook the work of a very important man, my dad built the room for this installation.

Overall a hectic but fun weekend. I had a hell of a time resuming my final paper for the semester. As I plugged away on my laptop during the flight back to Austin I kept in mind a phrase I came across in the work of Gonzalo Díaz, the subject of my M.A. thesis: Por este Amor al Arte [For the Love of Art]. Many sacrifices are made upon this altar.

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