The Ballad of Ben and Noel

So I realize I’m over ten years late, but the whole Felicity-Ben-Noel love triangle is getting to be too much for me. How many more betrayals, quarter-century crises, and bad fashion can the walls of hyper-fake New York lofts withstand? I applaud Felicity for finally getting her hair maintenance together. But anyone with a shred of intelligence knows the solution to this drawn-out dilemma: Ben and Noel should hook up.

Let me preface this by saying that I missed the Felicity boat the first time around. In 1998 I only had room for one teen-ish drama and the khaki neutrals of Dawson’s Creek won. I vaguely remember some fuss when Keri Russell cut her hair, but beyond that this show was not on my radar. Until two weeks ago when I started consuming 1.5 episodes a day. I’ve reached the fourth season and can see everything so clearly.

Noel may think he’s in love with Felicity, but she’s not all that. Ben may think he needs Felicity, but he’s really searching for someone more stable and nurturing. Essentially these two strapping young men should just get rid of the frizz and get with each other.

I nearly lost my mind when the “Raising Arizona” episode was winding down. Ben and Noel’s sexual tension hit a peak in this episode during a heated fight and in this scene not only do they make up, but they sit in a booth together and share a moment. And how about that horrible pseudo-Sarah McLachlan song playing? It’s all about unrequited love.

If J.J. Abrams ever brought this show back, my vote would be to nix Russell all together. Four years on, I can’t stand her. I’d like to see a show with Ben and Noel as the central relationship and Meghan Rotundi as the singular salty female.

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