I’m with the band

Apologies for my hiatus. Music took over my life for a couple of days and that set into motion a hefty delay in schoolwork. But Thao Nguyen has inspired me to come back and feel cool again.

As most things in my life, the germ of my most recent music revival originates with Coldplay. Here’s the short and sweet version: their biggest fan in the world (me, duh) wins tickets to their ACL Live show (which was taped and when you watch it on PBS on New Year’s Eve look for me in the middle of the “pit”); it was a night of crying, screaming, jumping, and the biggest happiness spill I’ve ever experienced. Not wanting to dilute the memory I’ll refrain from further analysis. The following night I saw Kanye West perform with ballerinas.  A banner weekend, indeed.

I came down from all the adrenaline determined to seek out new music. I’m pretty monogamous when it comes to tunes (and actually everything else in my life) so this is a terrifying task. I listen to the radio like once a month, so my only real outlet into the world of song is my iPod and the universe of podcasts. I subscribed to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts podcast which may be one of the best things to come into my life in a long time. Each performer gets about three songs and if I don’t like, I just go onto the next one. When Thao Nguyen came up in the rotation she hit a nerve in me that I thought was immune to not only a feminine voice, but a deliberately quirky one. I usually hate that kind of dissonance because it gives me nausea. But I’m a sucker for an acoustic guitar that sometimes sounds like a ukulele.

I love-love-love “Beat (Health, Life, and Fire)” which starts at 5:51. This live version is amazing, catchy, and soulful. If I could sing, I’d like to be like Thao.

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