The past couple of weeks have me ruminating on one of my favorite subjects: the British.

1. I finally watched the fourth season of Skins. Let me me preface this by stating that whenever I mention Skins it’s obviously the UK version; see my earlier rant and please excuse my typo, in my rant-fever I omitted the “u” in Hoult. Freddie’s death has left me really bummed but I rejoice that this part of the series ended with a party and Cook being rebellious. And now I just remember the loveliness of Freddie.

2. Coldplay is coming to Austin (yay!) and KGSR had a contest for Austin’s biggest fan. I heard about this contest a day after I went on a long monologue leaving H.E.B. about how I have to be THE Coldplay fan in these parts. Sadly I didn’t win the contest. Someone with lots of time and artistic ability won. But I maintain that I am the biggest fan; apparently I can’t blog without mentioning them. Video obviously isn’t my medium.

3. I’m watching anything on Netflix that resembles Downton Abbey. I have to wait another bloody three months for the new season to air on PBS. Maybe I’ll just watch it for the sixth time.

4. Harry Potter is still playing at the Bob Bullock and truth be told I’m still not over finishing the series in March. Every time I come to campus I’m tempted beyond belief to skip my pending class/meeting and sit in one last time. I might give in Thursday.  Anything to beat this heat and see people wearing jeans and scarves.

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